Congratulations from Local 613 to IBEW Local 1997 on their CBA

IBEW Local 613 applauds members of Sister Local 1997

IBEW Local 613 would like to congratulate everybody involved with the formation and the latest ratification and victory of executing a Collective Bargaining Agreement, our Sister Local, IBEW Local 1997, on their hard work and dedication to fair wages and representation in the workplace.

After multiple attempts to form a Local at Atlanta Gas Light (AGL), a vote to organize received overwhelming support from the workforce back in 2019.

For over a decade, the employees of AGL have attempted to form a union. The main contract priority was a pay scale, something we all understand as IBEW members. When compared to organized utility workforces in similar areas, the employees of AGL were making less on average. 

Despite operating in a So-Called “Right to Work” state, Local 1997 has seen plenty of employees join as they begin to see the new pay scale.

Check out this video from the IBEW with more details about the negotiating process and more.



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