Small Contractors Can Expand With The SEED Program

Helping Your Small Business Grow

The IBEW and Local 613 can help your small business grow into the lucrative enterprise you envisioned.

Becoming signatory with Local 613 gives you access to the most highly trained and highly skilled electrical workforce in the region. Using this workforce will allow your business to increase services and expand into different sectors of the industry.

The IBEW proudly helps small contractors succeed through the IBEW SEED Program. This initiative was designed to support independent, small electrical contractors by offering reduced rates on specialized fringe benefits offered to employees.

Through the SEED Program, independent, small electrical contractors are able to offer their employees group health insurance, separate retirement and pension plans, including a Vanguard annuity. In return, these businesses receive access to the IBEW Local 613 network of journeymen and apprentice electricians and electrical workers, who can help your company perform work they would otherwise not be able to perform.

The SEED Program also offers education and training benefits to small contractors. SEED contractors gain access to the Electrical Training Center, where employees can go for industry-leading training. Contractors can also access continuing education classes to maintain Georgia State Masters Electrical status.

Oftentimes, small contractors who take advantage of the SEED Program decide to become signatory to Local 613.

The benefits of becoming signatory with IBEW Local 613 include:

  • Expanded market share
  • Opportunities to break into new sectors of the industry
  • Providing current employees with excellent fringe benefits
  • Access to a highly trained, highly skilled workforce
  • Workforce on demand
  • No-cost benefits administration
  • NECA affiliation
  • Advertising support

IBEW Local 613, through the SEED Program, wants to help you and your business succeed and grow into a large enterprise.