Electrical Contractors Can Grow With IBEW Local 613

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Large electrical construction contractors can grow by joining forces with IBEW Local 613.

Become a contractor signatory to Local 613 and discover the many benefits you and your employees will receive.


Contractors signatory with IBEW 613 gain access to the existing Local 613 workforce, which is a diverse membership of highly skilled electrical workers within all sectors of the electrical industry. Access to Local 613 members allows you to take on more projects or larger projects than you are currently bidding.

IBEW Local 613 signatory contractors also have access to apprentices enrolled at the Electrical Training Center.

Training your workforce

As a large contractor, you employ a workforce, which you have trusted for years, and that is great! You can keep your existing workforce, but help them become more efficient and better skilled to do their job. Employees of IBEW Local 613 signatory contractors can take upgrade training courses to improve their existing skillset.

For those current employees who do not have skillset to reach journeymen status, they can enter the Local 613 registered apprenticeship program, which will train them to become journeyman through on-the-job and classroom training.

Other services offered by our training center include:

  • Trade specific certifications
  • Industry leading OSHA-safety training
Securing your work

Every business seeks more opportunities to grow and increase market share.

Throughout history, Local 613 signatory contractors have had more opportunities to bid on high profile jobs with local builders and general contractors. The quality of work performed by Local 613 members has convinced these contractors to use union workers on their future projects.

Secure your work and open up more doors by becoming a Local 613 signatory contractor:

  • Increased market share opportunity
  • Positive relationship with local general contractors
  • Collective bargaining, which guarantees no strikes or lockout on jobsite
  • NECA affiliation
  • Advertising support
  • No-cost benefit administration