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IBEW Helps You Work Smarter, and Faster

IBEW Connects you with the skilled labor you need to get the job done on time and on budget.

Journeyman Wiremen, Apprentices & the Construction Wiremen (CW)/Construction Electricians (CE)

The IBEW can help you open up new opportunities for your business with electricians for every skill level and every wage range. You will have free, on-demand access to fully skilled Journeyman Wireman and semi-skilled apprentices. The CW/CE program can provide experienced help when you need it.

Outsource the Human Resources to IBEW

The IBEW and LU 613 specialize in helping electrical contractors keep up with the fluctuating labor demands of a growing market. IBEW Contractors need not worry about the time and effort associated with the following:

  • Advertising
  • Insurance
  • Interviewing
  • Drug Testing
  • Skills Assessment/Background Checks
  • Safety Training

Access Tuition-free Training and Continuing Education for your Employee

Your current employees have access to the training offered through our state of the art Electrical Training Center. Offering training adds motivation, but also makes you more competitive when it comes to attracting and keeping the best workers.

Our DOL registered apprenticeship program will keep you in compliance on Davis/Bacon projects. 

Statewide, Regional, & National Network

If you follow your customers outside the metro Atlanta area, you should know that the IBEW 613 is part of a network that provides electricians wherever you go. That means no per-diem, no hotel fees, and no problems. You just bring your supervision and go to work.

With an IBEW Local 613 skilled workforce behind you, your company can target virtually any electrical project.

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